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Mental Stimulating and Training : Simple Techniques To Unlock Your Dog’s Natural Intelligence


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Brain Training For Dogs™ Review: Is this Your Ultimate Program to Train your Pooch?

Who doesn’t love a pretty pup? Dogs are just cute and lovely, but that’s only if they’ve been properly trained. And if you are a dog owner, one of the best gifts you can give your dog is good training. While there are many programs designed for puppy training, most simply don’ work. Others suggest punitive methods that only make your dog more rebellious towards you. One program that’s been causing people to sit up and ponder is Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training For Dogs™. Written in a simple and easy to read language, the program offers a step-by-step guide on how to train your dogs to be disciplined and less aggressive among other important traits. In this review, we tell you everything you need to know about the program before you make up your mind on whether to buy it or not.

What is Brain Training For Dogs?


Brain Training 4 Dogs™ is an eBook that teaches you how to train your dog by developing their brain. The idea is to boost its ability to focus and understand the commands you will teach it later.

The program is premised on the fact that dogs don’t become knowingly disobedient but they are too distracted to follow your commands. Upon signing up for this course, you will get the main course book, a life-long membership to the program, and a bonus book.
The author breaks from the tradition of using force to train your dog. Instead, he advises dog owners to embrace positive reinforcements. This simply means training a dog and when he gets a command right, you give him treats. Adrienne Faricelli says that using force often turns out to be counteractive. It will only make your dog more resentful.


How does Brain Training For Dogs™ Work?

Brain Training for Dogs Program

As stated above, Brain Training For Dog™ discourages the use of force to box your dog into submission. Instead, the author includes interactive games and surprises that your dog is sure to enjoy. One game that stood out for me was the Airplane Game. This lets you control the dog’s attention.

The course begins with an introduction to force-free training sessions. The games that Adrienne Faricelli includes in the program are in line with the force-free training methods she advocates. Also, you will learn of the dog training mistakes that you used to make earlier which might have been hampering your success.

The guide uses 21 interactive games throughout the course that you can use to teach your dog. As seen in most Brain Training For Dogs™ reviews, these games are quite easy to play. Also, the author includes lots of video lectures to explain each of the games so you get it right from the get-go.

What is Contained in Brain Training 4 Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs™ has a lot that dog owners can learn from. Here are some of the things you should expect to learn from this program:

  • The primary manual Brain Training For Dogs™. This 300-page plus guide comes in the form of a pdf eBook that you can download instantly after you pay for it.
  • Behavior Training Manual for Dogs: This is also a PDF eBook containing more than 8 pages of high-quality information.
  • 21 Videos: Yes you heard right. Brain Training For Dogs™ includes 21 high-quality videos to teach you the exact steps to use when training your hound. There is simply no way you can go wrong with your training!

   60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Brain Training for Dogs™ guarantees quality results. However, just in case you will not be impressed with the results within 60 days, you will receive your money back. This means that it will be a win-win situation for you and your investment will not go to waste. 60-day money back guarantee acts as a show of confidence from the developer. He is sure that the system will work and if not, you will receive your money back. 

Benefits of Brain Training for Dogs™ 

There are several advantages to using this course to enable your dog to be following your commands.

  It will correct the behavior of your dog: Recent research by the University of Pennsylvania shows that an aggressive dog owner is more likely to make their dog also aggressive. Using forceful methods to train your dog is a surefire way to make it aggressive. The Brain Training 4 Dog program adopts a milder approach of puppy training which is perfect for training your pup to drop its aggression.

Non-violent method : Animal lovers will especially adore this program because it does not use cruelty to train dogs. It discourages punishing your dog to force it to obey you. Things like yelling at your dog are also strictly prohibited. Instead, the author makes use of mentally-stimulating games that foster the bond between you and your mongrel. .

Properly structured : The author has done a splendid job of structuring the program to make it easy to follow. It starts with an easy level where it tells you how to teach your mutt the simple commands like ‘come’ and ‘go’ among other things. After you have successfully taught it about one level, you can then move on to the more complex lessons. This also allows you to see the progress that your canine is making in mannerisms and behavior.

  Money-back Guarantee : If you are one of those people who are a bit suspicious when it comes to making online purchases, then you should put your worries aside. The author has included a money-back guarantee with this guide. If it doesn’t help you train your dog, you have all the right to demand your money. And you will be paid in full.


 The online availability of the program means you can access it anywhere you are.  

The included videos make the training simple and straightforward for anyone

Thanks to the money-back guarantee, this program is risk-free.

It contains all the lessons required to train your dog

The lessons are structured from simple to the more complex, which makes it easy for your mongrel to grasp.


The program is too comprehensive. With the main book having 300-plus pages, the other bonus guide (Behavior Training for Dogs) having 80 pages, and 21 videos, the information requires time. But if you love your dog, this is a small sacrifice to pay.

About the Creator of Brain Training For Dogs

Adrienne Faricelli is an avid dog lover and a professional dog trainer. She is a certified trainer and she has a certification from the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants.

She has experience of more than 10 years of training and interacting with dogs. Also, she is a behavior expert, which makes her credibility even more. She previously worked in an animal hospital and boasts of many dog training qualifications. Mrs. Faricelli also holds a CPTD-KA certification from the US. 

Brain Training For Dogs™ back up by 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Final Verdict:

In all fairness, the method of dog training that the author offers here is great. The whole program is based on non-violent ways of training. Instead, the author emphasizes on playing and rewarding your dog. This is not only a fun way to teach him, but also one that is invariable more effective than using punitive measures. The course also includes a vast amount of extremely useful content that’s also easy to follow. Provided you are ready to devote time and commitment to the program, Brain Training For Dogs™ will help you to successfully train your dog. Having considered everything, I strongly recommend this program. It is hard to find faults with it. Finally, it comes with an airtight 60-day money-back guarantee so there is no way you can lose.

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Get The Entire Brain Training For Dogs™ 

Only $47!

(Regular Price $97)


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