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Claude Davis


Earth-grown Natural Remedies : The Healing Power of Plant Medicine


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Have you ever asked yourself how our ancestors used to treat themselves without modern drugs? Back then, there were no doctors, pharmacists or surgeries yet they lived more happily than we do. The simple answer is that they relied on herbs and plants. But why don’t we use these plants today? Why is that we rush to a pharmacist’s shop or to a doctor with the slightest of problems? It’s because we have been brainwashed, according to Claude Davis who wrote the book with Dr. Nicole Apelian.  

The pharmaceutical industry is a big money-minting scheme. To keep their wealth coming in, they have to lie to people. The truth is that traditional medicines are just as effective, if not better, and don’t carry those nasty side effects as modern drugs. In the Book of Lost Remedies, the author reveals plants, shrubs, and herbs that have strong medicinal value. You will grow them right in your backyard and use them any time you have a problem. Here is our unbiased Lost Book of Remedies™ review.

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?


The Lost Book of Remedies™ is a comprehensive guide that contains an exhaustive list of natural remedies. The author reveals little-known plants that have strong healing power to treat the majority of the illnesses we spend money on. 

It’s not understandable why people highly underrate the healing power of traditional medicines. Modern medicine may work, but they are made of chemicals that often bring dangerous side effects on people. The Lost Book of Remedies™ advocates for use of traditional medicine as it uses plants and herbs and not chemicals.

In the 300-page guide, Claude Davis not only shares with you a list of these plants and herbs but also how you can grow them in your yard. After they are ready, he teaches you how to make healing concoctions from them.


How Does the Lost Book of Remedies Work?

The Primary Manual – The Lost Book of Remedies™

  • Within this age-old book of wisdom are hundreds of recipes that involve the use of natural herbs, roots, and extracts.
  • One thing we really like about this guide is that for each plant identified within it there’s a picture and a detailed explanation that will help you differentiate it from other similar looking plants. This way, you can create remedies that are not only effective but also safe for you.
  • Another thing is that you will also get tips on how you can harvest these plants as well as how you can preserve them for later use.
  • In the end, you’ll have learned how to use homegrown remedies for treating your family or friends without incurring huge bills. Further, you’ll be sure that you can take care of your family’s health needs even if (God forbid) our healthcare system crumbles.

What’s Inside The Book?


The Lost Book of Remedies™ contains easy-to-read chapters organized in a way that even a 10-year old child will understand. The author organizes these topics according to the herb type, ingredient, and remedy. This way, you can easily skip to the exact thing you are looking for.

You could think of The Lost Book of Remedies™ as a store of cures for all kinds of ailments. The book contains a lot of information that has always been hidden from the public. You will learn about all types of herbs and everything concerning each healing plant. 

The author teaches you the exact herbs you need to use for different conditions. Also, there are natural spices to make your food tastier.

You will also learn about effective detoxification methods using plants and herbs, and how to turn your backyard garden into a grand storehouse of cures for all illnesses. He also talks about the dosage or the frequency of application of each herbal remedies.


Does It Include Any Bonuses?

When you acquire this program, you are going to receive two bonus materials.

Bonus 1 : 
The 80-Square Feet Medicinal Garden
Bonus 2 : 
Everyday Disaster Medicine

Benefits of The Lost Book of Remedies™ 

If you are wondering what benefits this book may have for you, we have analyzed some of them below in detail.

   The cheaper option of treatment : Prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs can be very expensive. The Lost Book of Remedies™ introduces plants and herbs that you can grow in your backyard to make medicines from. The only amount of money you will spend is the cost of the book plus the seedlings of these plants and then you have medications for your entire lifetime.

  You can treat people for a fee : This book can easily turn you into a traditional medicine man or woman. With knowledge to treat all kinds of illnesses, you will be a doctor that people run to. This enables you to charge them and get money from your garden. 

Money-back guarantee :There is always a risk that comes with making purchases online for products you have never tried. This is a reasonable doubt to have. For this reason, the creators of the program give you a guarantee to refund your money in case it doesn’t help to treat the diseases listed. You have a whole 2 months to test the program. 


 The guide contains colorful illustrations for every plant to make their identification easier.

The book will help you to discover natural antibiotics and painkillers that work just effectively.

These medicines do not have side effects

You can grow them in Shoe Boxes even if you live in a rented apartment

The book is written in a simple language and structured to make it easier to read and understand


The soft copy of this program requires you to have a digital device to access it

About the Author

Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian are the creative minds behind this revolutionary drug that puts the healing power into your hand. Claude Davis is a survival expert who also authored The Lost Ways. He consulted his grandfather’s diary to pluck some plants and herbs from it which is what he teaches in this comprehensive guide. Note that his grandfather was a doctor by profession and treated wounded soldiers during World War 2.

Dr. Nicole Apelian is a herbalist, survival expert, and certified doctor. She teamed up with Claude Davis to create this book. Together, they have produced a masterpiece that will leave the big pharmaceutical industries stunned.

The Lost Book of Remedies™ back up by 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Conclusion : 

To be honest, I struggled to finish reading The Lost Book of Remedies™. The amount of information packed in this digital book is just overwhelming. That’s because the creators go to great lengths to empower you with real-world information about all plants with medicinal value, how to grow them, and how to prepare medicines from.  Even if it is packed with information, the author has made a great effort to organize the information neatly so it makes it easy to skim. You can easily skip to the page you want based on the information you are looking for. To put it simply, the guide contains everything you need to know to heal all common diseases and ailments. Plus, the guide also includes a money-back guarantee to allay your fears of losing your hard-earned cash.

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Get The Entire The Lost Book of Remedies™ 

Only $37!

(Regular Price $57)

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