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Claude Davis


“The Guide Covers All Aspects Necessary For Your Survival. Whether it is Food, Shelter, Medicines, or Protecting Yourself and Your Family”


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How prepared are you for a catastrophe? I bet that you aren’t, just like most Americans. The fact we can wake up every morning, turn on the water heater, make your tea, and generally go about your business like every other day. We have become so used to the comforts of these days that it is impossible to think that we may wake up one day and find that these things are no longer there.

In the Lost Ways™ book, Claude Davis imagines an emergency where there is no power to charge phones, cook food, preserve food, and do other things we are so used to like catching up with friends on social media and watching movies from Netflix among other things.
The Lost Ways™ Book teaches you how you can get by in case of any calamity like war, economic decline, and natural disasters of any kind. Here is our comprehensive review of The Lost Ways™ guide.

What is The Lost Ways?


The Lost Ways™ PDF refers to a complete survival book that equips you with all the knowledge and information you need to live without today’s luxuries. It simply teaches you how to live as our great-grandfathers lived. They sure didn’t have smartphones, electricity, TV, Whatsapp, or those things we have come so accustomed to today. But they lived happily and healthily. This is what the book aims to teach you. Modern technology has led to many conveniences that have rendered us extremely complacent. As such, in the wake of a disaster, a lot of people would struggle to adjust to the new realities.

In the book, Claude Davis shows how these conveniences have made life to be too comfortable and simple to the extent that we have lost our survival skills. This is what the book is all about. 


How does it work?

The Lost Ways™ pdf download teaches you the survival skills that you would need in case of a disaster. From food to building shelter to cooking and preserving your food, the author takes back 200 years ago when our forefathers and mothers coped well without today’s comforts.

The author says that we have lost our primal survival skills that could be key in surviving when we are faced with various life shortages. The book teaches you these important survival skills and techniques. You will learn how to cope without refrigeration, electronic gadgets, internet, and electricity just to mention but a few. The book teaches you the forgotten skills of survival such as helpful recipes to help your prepare meals and other necessities like soap among other things. Also, the book teaches you how you can make snowshoes, waterwheel, and knives.

However, it only has sketches and no blueprints for building projects. This is because the project will rely on what you can get.

What will you learn in the Lost Ways?

The Primary Manual – The Lost Ways™

The guide is jam-packed with useful survival tips that can be the difference between living and perishing in the event Russia or North Korea wages a nuclear or EMP attack on the US. They include the following:

  • Food– Here, the author shows you some great recipes for preparing nutritious food that the Native Americans used centuries ago. You will learn how to prepare food using common ingredients that are readily available to you.
  • Setting Traps– You will learn how to catch animals and use them as a source of food for you and your family. The author teaches you different ways of setting up traps to catch different animals and ensure you never go without food.
  • Shelter– You will learn how to construct an underground bunker that you can seek refuge in should there be a nuclear war. The structure of the house borrows on that which was used by Native Americans and it can accommodate up to four families.
  • How to get water– water is one resource that even if we have stocked up as much as we want, we will still worry that it’s not enough. The book teaches you how to collect water and preserve it most affordably.
  • Medicine– You will learn how to prepare medicines from Mother Nature and make sure you and your family are hale and hearty. It contains a list of more than 50 medicinal plants as well as recipes for preparing them.
  • Preserving Bullets– The author teaches you how to take care of your bullets and avoid running out of them during a crisis. You also learn what to do in case you run out of them.

Does It Include Any Bonuses?

When you acquire this program, you are going to receive three bonus materials.

Bonus 1 : 
What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard
Bonus 2 : 
A Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System
Bonus 3 : 
How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way

Benefits of The Lost Ways™ 

If you are wondering what benefits this book may have for you, we have analyzed some of them below in detail.

   Easy- to-implement Tips : The tips are easy to implement and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them. This is because they rely on commonly available materials and items. Remember that during an emergency, you will use what you have so it doesn’t advocate for the use of expensive things.

  Comprehensive : The guide covers all aspects necessary for your survival. Whether it is food, shelter, medicines, or protecting yourself and your family, the author goes to great lengths to give you all the information you need to survive.

Practical information :The book doesn’t regale you with stories but practicable and applicable tips and strategies to help you survive. He reveals the tips and strategies our ancestors used and which helped them to survive.

60-day money-back guarantee :The best part about the book is that it is a no-risk purchase. When you buy it, you have 60 days to read it and see if it offers any worthwhile information. In case it doesn’t, you only need to contact the author and get your money back. It doesn’t have any risk at all.


The book is written by a survival expert who has written many books about the matter

It teaches you about a wide spectrum of survival

You can use the survival tips taught here in your daily routines.

You can get both the digital and physical copies of the book.

The book is written in a simple language and structured to make it easier to read and understand


There is only the English version of the book and no translations.


Who is Claude Davis 

Claude Davis is a specialist when it comes to survival with more than three decades of experience. His AskAPrepper website is dedicated to teaching people simple survival techniques to help them emerge from any emergency
The guide is thoroughly comprehensive and contains everything you need to know about becoming self-sufficient. It teaches you simple techniques and techniques that you will find extremely useful in a disaster. People all over the world are buying it. It could be the difference between life and death when a disaster strikes.

The Lost Ways™ back up by 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Verdict: Should You Get It?

The comprehensive nature in which the Lost Ways™ addresses survival skills makes it a compelling book. When you buy this guide, you are enrolling in a survival class. As you know, disasters aren’t uncommon in many parts of the world. Just recently, everything looked okay but an emergency like coronavirus can change everything in the blink of an eye. 

What this book teaches you is to deal with any emergency scenario. The author goes into remarkable details to teach you how to cook and preserve food without electricity, how to build a safe hiding place in your home, and how to get water at no cost and keep it safe for use. 
Backed with a money-back guarantee, this book is simply a must-have. We recommend it wholeheartedly.

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Get The Entire The Lost Ways™ 

Only $37!

(Regular Price $57)

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